0% Alc - 100% Taste - 200% Bite



0% Alc - 100% Taste - 200% Bite

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If everyone’s drinking it, then you should definitely be serving it! Let GIMBER make a glorious entrance in your shop, on your menu, on your company’s kitchen counter or on your business gift list…and watch our organic alcohol-free ginger drink with a bite elevate your business.

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A perfect addition to your bar or restaurant’s finest drink list.

Our organic liquid gold is the perfect welcome gift for a hotel or wellness guest too. It feels like a massage in a bottle to new and beloved visitors of your wellness facility.

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GIMBER is the organic alternative to any alcoholic drink.
We packed this concentrate with the best organic ginger, lemon, herbs and spices to make your tastebuds tango.

GIMBER 700 ml

GIMBER 500 ml

GIMBER Giftbox

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