Our (unexpected) story

If every story began with “Once upon a ginger drink”, there would be more happy endings. GIMBER’s chronicles start inside the buzzing mind of Dimitri, an art freak and animation series producer looking to quench his thirst with the unusual.

Tired of the same old wine-drenched parties, Dimitri gave birth to GIMBER in November 2017 in his home kitchen, after months of digging for the perfect combination that would spice up his taste buds without making his head spin.

His personal weekly batch got his friends queuing at his doorstep, before strangers started traveling through the country to get a taste of his soon-to-be-famous alcohol free & organic ginger drink. A crazy amount of premium ginger, water and good vibes later, GIMBER came to its official existence for you to dip your days & nights in the powerful bite it never fails to deliver.